Once you have started enjoying what Beach Bars have to offer you will most likely become a beach bar enthusiast. If so, then when planning your vacation destinations you will surely want to know what is being offered there by way of these types of bars. In fact, you may be so engrossed with these drinking portals that you want to plan your holidays around them. If so then this short list of some of the best beach bars in the world will help.

Indonesia – La Plancha

For some they may refer to this locale as a beach shack, which it really is but it is spectacular because it truly depicts what a beach bar should be. For its seating it utilizes large over sized bean bags with plenty of colourful umbrellas to shade you from the hot sun. A cold beer has never tasted so good as when you are enjoying it here at La Plancha.

Costa Rica – Tortilla Flats

This is sort of a mini Hotel, Beach Bar and Restaurant all grouped into one. It meets the beach bar criteria because it is located right on beach in Dominical. It is a laid back atmosphere and is really known for its great food. It is a beach bar that can be enjoyed day or night in a beautiful beach setting.

Thailand – Catch Beach Club

For those who have been fortunate to visit Thailand they will certainly rave about the beach settings here. To enjoy these the most it means enjoying a few drinks and some fine food at the Catch Beach Club. Enjoying a barbecue here should be at the top of the list with different food venues being offered each night.

England – Cary Arms

One doesn’t have to leave the UK either to enjoy the beach bar setting. The Cary Arms really can be considered in the list of the best Beach bars. Partly indoors and out, visitors here can sit and enjoy their food fare on the terrace that overlooks the coastline.