Some regions have more Beach Bars than others. Of course if there are plenty of beach in a vicinity then this creates the perfect atmosphere for a Beach Bar. Florida is one region that has plenty of opportunity for this type of industry and it has capitalized on it. There are so many high quality Beach Bars in this vicinity that they are actually being given awards for their efforts. Here are a few of the outstanding Beach Bars in this area that have received awards.

Jimmy B’s Beach Bar

This is located at St. Pete Beach and not only has it been awarded once but several times. It has been awarded as the Best Florida Beach Bar four times and was awarded as being one of the Top 10 Florida Beach Bars in 2013. What has set it up for this type of success is its entertainment venue that is carried out seven days a week and its warm and welcoming atmosphere with it open and closed bar that allows easy access to the beach.

Sharky’s On the Pier

Located in Venice Florida it has been awarded once for the Best Florida Beach Bar, and twice for being in the top ten Florida Beach Bar. This Bar is right on the Venice Beach and what makes it intriguing is the pier that stretches out right onto the Gulf of Mexico.

These are just two of several, and if you want to visit what is considered to be the Best of the Best Beach Bars in Florida then you will want to further review the top ten award list. Don’t forget though, that are plenty of others that may not be in the award category but still are very impressive, and offer a great opportunity to enjoy what the local beaches have to offer besides sun bathing and swimming.