There will be a lot of common type drinks that you can get at a Beach Bar. At the same time many of them will have their signature drinks with each Beach Bar offering something different. When you are visiting one of these types of bars you may want to ask them what the specialty house drinks are. Be sure that you know what goes into them as some of them can be pretty potent.

Here are a few common Beach Bar drinks that you may want to try…

Mai Tai

There are many different versions of this drink but they are usually comprised of fresh juices and different types of liqueurs. You may want to ask which type of each is being used in your Mai Tai just in case there are some ingredients that you are not too keen on.


This is a favourite of many no matter what kind of bar setting they are in. In most cases it is made from rum, syrup and lime juice. While the basic ingredients are the same, it will be the choice of rum that makes the difference.


If you are looking for a beverage that has a Cuban flare to it, then you may want to order this. It is usually made with a white rum and is heavy on the mint flavour.

The thing to remember when ordering your Beach Bar drinks is to have some idea as to what they are made of, and if you are drinking during the heat of the day your alcoholic drinks could hit you fast and hard. If you are going to be adventurous with your drink choices you may be better to do it during the Beach Bar evening hours when the temperature at this beach location is much cooler.